Legionella & Water Quality

Legionnaire’s disease or legionellosis is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia, but is wholly preventable. Legionella bacteria are commonly found in natural water systems such as rivers and lakes where their numbers are usually low and they pose little risk.

Many manmade water systems provide the ideal environment for legionella to multiply. As a general rule legionella likes Hot Water that is cool ( Below 50 Centigrade ), Cold Water that is warm ( Above 20 Centigrade ), Dirty water and Stagnant Water.

C A Services provides an independent, professional & confidential service for controlling legionella and other bacteriological growth with domestic water systems.

CA Services is a certified member of the LCA and we are regularly audited and assessed by them for compliance with their code of conduct for service providers.

Our membership of the LCA, the management systems we have developed and our compliance with the code and service standards mean that we are well placed to assist our clients in controlling the legionella risk associated with their water systems.

As a duty holder if you have commercial premises or premises accessed by the public you must comply with current legislation that requires you to manage, maintain and treat water systems in your premises properly.

Pseudomonas Aerugionsa Control

Pseudomonas aerugionsa is a Gram-negative bacterium commonly found in soil and ground water. Most community-acquired infections are associated with prolonged contact with contaminated water.

It is increasingly important clinically as it is a major cause of both healthcare associated infections and chronic lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis.

Although Pseudomonas aerugionsa is an opportunistic pathogen, it can cause a wide range of infections, particularly among immunocompromised people.

C A Services can undertake sampling regimes and support the building maintenance manager in taking effective measures should positive samples be found.

Chlorine, chlorine dioxide, ultraviolet are various treatments available which if suitably controlled will reduce levels considerably but may not eliminate the bacteria.

Clean & Disinfection

Domestic and cooling water systems including storage tanks and calorifiers should be inspected regularly and if necessary physically cleaned and then disinfected.

The Pre-Commission cleaning of closed loop systems has become more important over recent years, due to the equipment being used more susceptible to blockages at control valves, strainers and small bore pipe work.

All Plumbing and Heating

C A Services are a Gas Safe registered company, carrying out plumbing and heating works from a tap washer replacement to new works up to small commercial and industrial. We are made up of experienced tradesmen.

We offer a professional service at an affordable price to both public and private sector clients, who pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.


Our mission is to demonstrate that green energy is genuinely viable in the UK and that renewable energy can be a sound financial investment, as well as a sound investment in our future.

Whether you are a self builder, renovator, developer, architect or consulting engineer, we can assist you to achieve the most efficient environmentally friendly and cost effective solution for your project.

RPZ Test and Commissioning


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