C A Services are proud to be the sole distributors in the whole of Ireland.

Sanipur are a global provider of water hygiene technologies, and they offer efficient and reliable systems that help to prevent Legionella contamination. According to the World Health Organisation guideline, Sanipur’s Water Safety Plan is the best approach to manage specific health risks due to legionella exposure.

The SANIKILL® System is a patented design to produce, dose, monitor and trim Monochloramine into a water system. Designed and Patented for use on the Domestic Hot water systems to prevent colonisation of waterborne pathogens, such as Legionella. Monochloramine is more effective than other treatments due to their stability. This stability is what allows Monochloramine to penetrate biofilms without damaging the plumbing system. It is compatible with all types of piping.

SANIKILL® System ensures maximum efficiency against Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. It is equipped with a 24/7 remote control system that ensures a continuous data recording. The unit is designed with last generation safety features (flow sensors and switches, level sensors and backpressure valves).

SANIKILL® System can be used in Nursing Homes, Small Hospitals, Medium Hospitals, Large Hospitals with multiple DHW systems, Elder apartment complexes, Condominium complexes, and University dormitories.

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