Medical gases are classified as medicinal products under the Medicines Act and are therefore subject to the same procurement and quality procedures as all other medicinal products. Medical gas pipeline systems provide a safe, convenient and cost-effective system for the provision of medical gases to the clinical and nursing staff at the point of use.

However, medical pipeline systems introduce additional hazards in the delivery of medical gases to the patient. Implementation of the recommendations of HTM02-01 is intended to manage and reduce the risks presented by these hazards.

Investment in Medical Plant and Equipment can be a costly endeavor and it requires a tailored Maintenance schedule to prolong the life expectancy of the plant, whilst meeting with manufacturer’s recommendations and the needs of the customer. This validation and verification are essential for the safe operation of gas transmission and distribution systems. C A Services Engineers have completed their Authorised Person Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) and we offer the following services;

• Servicing of plant
• Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) programs
• Maintenance and Verification of Pressure Gas Systems
• Testing and re-validating
• Pendant Hose Replacement
• Test Equipment Calibration/Revalidation

We pride ourselves on the service/maintenance contracts that we provide, offering round the clock monitoring for peace of mind to our clients. All site visits are accurately documented by our engineer, detailing the examination, test results and fault-finding solutions undertaken. We can supply the client with a detailed report of all visits, generating this report in a format of the client’s choice.

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